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Kovalys Connect is where business gets done!  Over 50,000 business owners, ceo's, experts and professionals in over 20 countries, connect to sell to the right customers, buy from the best suppliers, invest or raise money to grow their company. 



Revenue Earned By Members Since 2009

You don’t just need to find new customers for your business. You need to find the right customers! The ones who value your work, services and team. The ones who pay the right price for the right services. Joining Kovalys Connect allows you to work with the kind of customers you dream of.


A large-scale economic crisis is starting in Europe

June 2022: Euro lost 15% of its value. Inflation is being driven by a 25 percent increase on everyday products in Franve (baguette, petrol, food products, etc.). What does this actually mean for you?

Your salary worth is nearly 40% OFF  since January 2022!

And in September 2022, to keep the same standard of living as the one you had with a salary of 2000€ per month at the beginning of the year 2022, you will have to earn at least €1000 more per month.

How to survive inflation? What are the solutions?


Welcome in the EXTRAMONEY Operation!



The most qualified referral networking organization

Be part of a global and qualified network and developp trusted relashionships to grow your business online and in-person. 

Kovalys Connect was launched in 2009 to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, ceo's and business owners to find new ways to increase their revenue. We’ve built the safiest place to do business in the digital age. People join Kovalys Connect only by recommendation. Every member is verified and certified before they can be part of the network. We only accept 2 sellers (the best ones) per country, for each service and product sold in the whole network. Do you qualify? Apply for membership.


The EXTRAMONEY Operation

3 months to create a reliable source of income in times of crisis!

From June 1 to August 31, 2022

With or without an idea, join the EXTRAMONEY Operation and benefit from a set of effective tools to launch a profitable business while working full time.. Success guaranteed!


The Ultimate Guide To Make Extra Money

26+ Years of Business Experience Within Your Reach.

The EXTRAMONEY Masterclasses

12 Masterclass. All You Need To Know To Create a Profitable Business in 3 Months.

Every Monday from June 13 to August 29, 2022. 

The EXTRAMONEY Afterwork

The Anti-inflation Solutions Presented & Explained by Experts to Start Earning Extra Money Quickly. 

Each Friday. Take Advantage of meeting experts in person to grow your extra revenue quickly. 



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Why choose Kovalys Connect to grow your successful business?

Sell to the right Customers

Nothing worst than selling to the wrong person. Our Members are verified and certified before they can use the network for their needs.

Raise money for your Business easily

Our experts are available to help you raise money for your startup and projects, using our communities of investors and entrepreneurs.

Buy from the best Suppliers

We only choose 2 suppliers in each country for each service or product sold in the network. We make sure you work with the best ever.

Be part of a global business Network

Get in touch with over 50,000 business owners, ceo's and entrepreneurs all over the world. Build relationships and grow your network.

Invest your Money properly

Join over 5,000 investors in the network, benefit from their experience and advices to properly invest your money. Real estate, Startups, Stocks, Crypto ...

Use our Sales team to sell for you

Benefit from over 10,000 sales people who sell your products and services worldwide. You only pay when you earn.


Our partners



What our Members do

Your network is your net worth! Joining Kovalys Connect allows you to benefit from the expertise of all kind of Companies all over the world. Are you one of the best in your business line in your country? Let us know and we will be happy to welcome you in our big family.


Real Estate & Investment

Get actionable knowledge to move your projets forward, direct from some of the biggest experts in each country, wherever you are... Read more


Corporate services

Business Advisory Service, Company Incorporation, Accounting services…


Business Coaching

Business strategies, Market penetration, Mindset...


Sales & Marketing

Social Media, Seo, Sea, Campaign development and execution, Sales strategies, Market penetration, Sales outsourcing, Automation...


IT & Consulting

Cloud computing, Consulting services...


Language & Culture

English Coaching, International development Advisory Service...


Emmanuelle and Marion's story

Co-Founders of DIPONGO
We were looking for a business network. We've tried several networks but there was always something missing. With Kovalys connect, we have all we need to grow our startup. We are happy to have been accepted in this amazing business network. We strongly recommand you to apply and join us.
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Member's stories


Keydorlane LANCREOT

Ceo F Zone Consulting


We all need help to realize what we want most. I joined Kovalys Connect one year ago, when i was lauching my Consulting Agency. This is the best decision i've made for my company, because i found all the help i needed in the network. My company is growing faster and faster and i know it's just the beginning.



Dubai Real Estate Consultant


I was looking to connect with international investors who will be happy to find real estate deals in Dubai. Kovalys Connect was the best anwser for me. Now i'm working with a whole network of french investors who are now investing in dubai. And i'm proud to be the only Real estate consultant accepted in the network for Dubai market.

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Laura Prudent

France Real Estate Expert


As a real estate expert, my goal is to show investors how Real estate in France can be profitable. Being part of a qualified Business Network is very important for me because i'm looking for people who want to take action. Now i'm helping hundreds of investors to make money with real estate in France. Thanks to Kovalys connect.


Miloude BARAKA

Ceo IGexpert


Wow. We’ve just joined Kovalys Connect for 9 months and almost 20% of our turnover comes from you guys. I am blown away. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!



Ceo LD Webmarketing


We had very specific goals to reach certain levels of success and growth for the next few years with our agency. It was important for us to find the right network and a great business partner, so we can prioritize innovation and efficiency for our clients. Kovalys Connect supports all these initiatives. We are happy to have joined this amazing network for 1 year now.