Become a highly paid Certified Business Consultant and build a 300K+ yearly freelance business. Develop skills that are in high demand by small businesses and start-ups in their day-to-day operations. A 3-month training program with a 99% success rate among our alumni.

A life of choice,
, not of subjection!

The time for compromise is over! Why choose between what you like and what pays best?

Are you a coach, therapist or wellness professional? 

Are you a freelancer providing services to entrepreneurs and companies? 

Are you an event organizer or founder of a business network?

Are you a mentor, entrepreneur, investor or former executive?

... And you're passionate about people, you like helping others, passing on information, listening, accompanying and guiding?

But you're also, and above all, an entrepreneur, and you want to make a living from your passion for people and business?

Business consulting is for you!

Business consulting, a colossal business

The business of business consulting, aimed at VSEs, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, is a colossal business.

Experts estimate that the consulting sector for businesses and entrepreneurs is worth over $250 billion a year, with some 700,000 consulting firms operating worldwide.

Since the Covid 19 crisis, companies and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to freelancers.

That's where you come in. For companies and entrepreneurs in need, hiring the right business consultant can really deliver huge returns, saving time, money and skills.

Focus on the benefits of the job

Why become a Certified Business Consultant?

Generate more income

Build a profitable and sustainable self-employed business. Meet the needs of our joint customers. A business plan of 300k€+ per year for beginners and 1M€+ for the most experienced Consultants.

Develop more business intelligence

One of the most effective ways of developing your own skills is to train others. Support a variety of projects, people and companies, and build your business intelligence and financial IQ.

Develop a quality network

Multiply your encounters, create new connections and new synergies. Surround yourself with like-minded people and develop a qualified community around your projects. 

Improve your Lifestyle

Win your freedom, live the life you love. Change the world, live your dreams and travel to meet your international customers and partners. Develop the benevolent feeling of being the key to your customers' success.

This is the opportunity for you if...

1 - You dream of financial security

as an entrepreneur or freelancer and never have to worry about your income

2 - You dream of geographical freedom

and be able to work from anywhere, anytime and choose your customers

3 - You want to have a positive impact

and develop the benevolent feeling of being the key to the success of VSEs, SMEs, startups and project leaders in your region or abroad.

4 - You are already a coach or consultant

and you want to scale up your business, attract more customers, strengthen and significantly expand your field of expertise and take your business to the next level

Whatever your goals, we'll help you achieve them.


Kovalys Connect provides the tools and support to help you offer relevant services and products to our joint customers. Our understanding of the market for VSEs, SMEs, startups and project owners, and our 15 years' experience working alongside entrepreneurs and investors, make Kovalys Connect the partner you can trust to support you in the development of your consulting business and projects.

Dream big, live bigger!

with Kovalys Connect Business Consultant Certification

We're at your side to help you leverage the best business resources and commercial tools essential to your company's growth and the success of your project. Discover the different possibilities of the Kovalys Connect Business Consultant certification - from building new services to selling your existing ones, from developing an international network to making your business sustainable. Distance yourself from your competitors and live the entrepreneurial life to the full.

Kovalys Connect in a few figures:

+ 50.000


+ 20




+ $200.000.000


+ 15




Discover the Kovalys Connect business gas pedal.

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Our Certified Business Consultants are changing the world and changing the lives of international entrepreneurs and investors.
Are you next?


Founder and CEO of LOUVHA

Certified Business Consultant

Speciality: Organizing business seminars for companies


Founder of the BEE 2 BEE'S circle

Certified Business Consultant

Specialty: Strategic support for VSE/SME managers


Founder of VA Consulting

Certified Business Consultant 

Specialization: Business Development


"My agency has grown +40% in 1 year and is more stable than I could ever have imagined".

As a certified Kovalys Connect Business Consultant, I'm happy to be able to develop my agency and at the same time support managers who want to expand internationally (France, Italy, Dubai, Africa). What I like most is the network and the kindness shown by the members of the community. I can't recommend it enough. Go for it!

Deborah Zoratti
CEO & Founder

"I found the solution to build a profitable agency alongside my business school".

I didn't want to wait until the end of my higher education to get started. The Kovalys Connect Business Consultant certification gave me the managerial skills to launch my e-reputation agency in less than 6 months. Today, with my partner Rémi, we help our customers improve their online reputation and boost their sales through digital means. Thank you Kovalys Connect.

El-shaddaï Ngeyitadila
CEO & Founder
TRUST Agency

"I feel more and more that I've found the community, the tools and the path to follow to achieve my mission."

I arrived at Kovalys Connect in June 2023 for the Living from Entrepreneurship training course and then discovered the Business Consultant certification. I gave myself permission to try it out, and the magic happened immediately. And the more I progress in my career at Kovalys Connect, the more I realize how rich and benevolent the whole ecosystem of mutual support is. I'm very happy about that.

Isabelle-Marie M.
CEO & Founder



Wear the Kovalys Connect brand of excellence:

Backed by the globally recognized Kovalys Connect name, you carry our seal of excellence, guaranteeing your customers your quality and commitment.

Building a profitable business - Training

Improve your skills through practice:

Kovalys Connect has transformed thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses. Learn from tried, tested and 100% effective strategies from the field, not just from theory.

Masterclass Entrepreneur Mentoring

Get concrete results:

Practice quickly and perfect your new skills, building your confidence in real-life scenarios.

Develop a truly profitable business:

Beyond excellence in Business Consulting, we guide you step by step to transform your new skills into a successful and stable business.

Benefit from an incomparable ecosystem:

Our expert consultants and dedicated support team are always ready to coach, guide and support you whenever you need it.

Benefit from a ready-to-use customer base:

Take advantage of our thriving community and gain instant access to a vast customer base to boost your consulting business. Benefit from the power of our business social network and the Neo Entrepreneurs community.


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