Do you
have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Entrepreneurship isn't innate, but don't panic, it can be learned! There have never been as many opportunities as there are now! Benefit from a unique ecosystem and a network of trusted partners to help you develop your projects and your business. It's possible to make a living from entrepreneurship! Welcome to Kovalys Connect.

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Freelancers, coaches and therapists

Discover the Neo entrepreneurs community, an international community of over 50,000 business leaders, and personalized support to help your business exceed $300K in annual sales.

Companies, agencies and firms

Benefit from a range of services and resources designed to help you grow your business and exceed $1 million in annual sales.

Project owners and creators

This will undoubtedly lead you to your first entrepreneurial success. Have you ever felt the urge or need to be your own employer? Make a living from entrepreneurship? Yes, it's possible!

Employees, Students, Entrepreneurs

With or without an idea, take advantage of our 18-month turnkey support program to launch yourself into entrepreneurship and achieve your first business success thanks to Artificial Intelligence.


Kovalys Connect helps company directors, freelancers and project leaders to think bigger and further ahead.

  • Do you have a business start-up or takeover project?
  • Are you planning to invest in real estate or the stock market?
  • Are you already self-employed and looking to generate more than 300,000 euros in sales?
  • Are you the manager of a company generating sales of less than 1 million euros and would like to go one step further?

Discover our programs to support entrepreneurs and investors at home and abroad. 

Benefit from a network of trusted partners to support you at every stage of your business and project development.

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