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Here you'll find all the questions most frequently asked by contractors about our services.


If your target customers are SMEs, startups, decision-makers, project leaders, investors, freelancers, coaches and entrepreneurs, then yes, the network certainly has the profiles you're looking for. 

You'll also have understood that we're not just a network :). We're a real community, based on mutual recommendation, and we have Business Consultants whose job it is to support entrepreneurs in their business development. How do you go about finding your customers? 

Our Business Consultants and Business Mentors will help you find the customers you need.

It's impossible to lose money with Kovalys Connect. Our rates are set so as not to penalize small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed, while providing quality services you won't find anywhere else. Our business model makes this possible.

Generally speaking, with 1 or 2 customers in a year, you've already made your membership worthwhile. The network is made up of buyers, suppliers and business consultants. We also have training, lives and resources available if you need specific skills to sell more easily or attract more prospects. It's impossible not to find a customer with all the tools in place throughout the Kovalys Connect ecosystem. Guaranteed!

We are currently present in most French-speaking countries. France, DOM TOM, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, French-speaking Africa, Maghreb...

There are also communities in countries such as Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA, which have developed thanks to expatriate communities.

We are also present in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with our Dubai-based technology division and local teams.

It's never too late to hear about Kovalys Connect.

We are a key player on the global entrepreneurial scene. We're in our 15th year in the field alongside entrepreneurs, not to mention the 27-year successful career of our founder Kodzo GAWU, a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company at the age of 16 and has trained, coached, advised and mentored over 100,000 entrepreneurs, decision-makers and business leaders on every continent in recent years.

In a few figures, Kovalys Connect is :

+200 million in business volume between members

+50,000 company managers

+26,000 Self-employed and project owners

+1200 business introducers and closers

15+ years working alongside entrepreneurs

+99% of our members succeed in business

Welcome to the Neo entrepreneurs community.

Operation is very simple. 

We're convinced that, with everything in place, it's impossible not to sell with Kovalys Connect. If, after 18 months of collaboration, you don't earn at least the amount of your Business Consultants membership, you'll be reimbursed the full membership fee.

The only condition is that you complete at least 70% of the coaching process, and that you call on your Business Mentor to help you achieve results. And if your Business Mentor can't help you, you can escalate to our Ceo in person, who will help you. 

Service culture is a core value at Kovalys Connect. We never leave anyone out in the cold. 

Your smile is our greatest reward.

We're looking for entrepreneurs, business owners, project leaders or simply people with a keen interest in the world of business. We're looking for positive, ambitious people with the will to move forward.

The person who invited you to discover our community thought you had the profile. Was that person wrong about you?

Access to the community is by referral from existing members only.

Entry to the Neo entrepreneurs community is by recommendation only.

We're committed to building an international, skilled community. Existing members recommend new members. We encourage our members and partners to invite only those profiles that meet our selection criteria. 

In this way, we've succeeded in building a large family of entrepreneurs, comprising tens of thousands around the world. 

When you join such a community, we're sure you'll want to find quality profiles to do business with. That's what we've built for you.

Kovalys Connect is a business gas pedal whose mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and give all entrepreneurs an equal chance of success.

Becoming a Business Consultant is a real springboard for all entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancers who want to support entrepreneurs, gain visibility and increase their income, and also for all people who aspire to more in their career or life, and are looking for opportunities.

If these are topics that speak to you, it's definitely worth taking the time to watch the video. These 20 minutes could change the next 20 years of your professional career.

The stakes are far too high. We can't afford to explain it "quickly" here. Nor would we want you to make the decision to join us without 100% information.

The concept is well explained in the video. You'll congratulate yourself for taking the time 🙂.

No. It's not Relationship Marketing. It's entrepreneurship in the classic sense of the word.

You'll be joining a group of experienced and dynamic entrepreneurs. And if you're not yet an entrepreneur, you'll be trained to start your own business, support our joint customers and launch your own investments as we work together.

You're not here to sell other people's services. You're here to deliver your own services and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, in a spirit of goodwill, mutual respect and a shared willingness to recommend each other for better results for everyone.

Yes, it really works 🙂

We've already had over 40 Business Consultants join the partnership program in less than a month since its launch. Our goal for 2023 is to have 100 Business Consultants by February 18, 2024, for the launch of our social business network. Hand-picked profiles.

Over the past 15 years, we've already helped more than 10,000 people achieve success thanks to the opportunities offered by Kovalys Connect. Helping entrepreneurs and ambitious people achieve their financial goals is in our company's DNA.

To succeed in business and even in life in general, you need to surround yourself with the right people! So what better way to achieve your financial goals than to join a community of established and successful entrepreneurs 🙂 .

Welcome to your new life.

Are we to understand that you've already made up your mind to join us?

Welcome to Kovalys Connect. Go to the "Book an appointment" page to book an information meeting with one of our Business Consultants and Mentors, to find out how we can help you achieve your goals. See you soon!

We put the smile back on entrepreneurs' faces!

Welcome to Kovalys Connect

In the digital age, finding and retaining customers is increasingly difficult for several reasons:

  • More and more competitors and international competition in all business sectors
  • The price war intensifies, driving down the cost of services.
  • Customers are taking longer and longer to make a decision when buying a product or service.

To survive in this difficult economic climate, entrepreneurs and companies need to innovate and find new ways of developing their business.

Kovalys Connect was created to work tirelessly and passionately to help you grow and sustain your business and your projects.

We understand that you may be short of time, money and resources, and that you need results now.

Sales, marketing, technology, integration, artificial intelligence, strategy, social networks, networking, sourcing... We've got what you need!

What do we do best?

We help companies and independents enter new markets in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, the United States and Asia. And we help entrepreneurs and employees achieve their first business successes quickly.

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