Investing with Neoney

The first business social network created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. A safe and profitable investment! Multiply your initial investment by 3 over 5 years. 100% French company. Limited number of places. First come, first served!



A difficult context

 - 80% of companies die within the first 5 years of creation.

- 450 per month is the average income of self-employed people.

- 80% of entrepreneurs supported by Pôle Emploi earn less than €1,000 a month.


The KOVALYS CONNECT group was created to help entrepreneurs succeed and help each other. 

Kovalys Connect is an international business gas pedal.

KOVALYS CONNECT is where business is done! Join us and become part of an international, qualified network. Build trusted relationships to develop your business online and face-to-face.

- Created by successful entrepreneur Kodzo GAWU, serial entrepreneur, investor and international speaker, who launched his first business at the age of 16 and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs to success.

- In his 27-year career, Kodzo Gawu has worked with, trained and mentored over 100,000 entrepreneurs, business leaders and senior executives worldwide. His teachings are a gold mine for anyone seeking success.

- Kovalys Connect began operations in France in 2009, and is now present in over 20 countries.

- The head office is in London (Kovalys Europe), with a Strategic Steering division in Paris 8 (Kovalys France) and an Innovation and Digital Services division based in Dubai (Neoney Middle East).

Kovalys Connect in figures


In their 27-year career, Kodzo and his team have met over 100,000 entrepreneurs. Through these encounters, Kovalys has gathered the needs of entrepreneurs.

  • 15 years at the side of entrepreneurs
  •  20 countries covered internationally on 5 continents
  • 50,000 business leaders in the network
  • 26,000 entrepreneurs trained and supported
  • +99% of our members succeed in business


In their 27-year career, Kodzo and his team have met over 100,000 entrepreneurs. Through these encounters, Kovalys has gathered the needs of entrepreneurs.

The Kovalys team has developed a new tool to revolutionize the business of entrepreneurs. 

Kovalys Connect launches

NEONEY social network

The first business social network created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, based on business recommendations between members.

Equipped with an algorithm for automatic lead generation through business introducers and independent micro-influencers.

The indispensable tool for entrepreneurs

The mission of the Kovalys Connect team is to help entrepreneurs succeed. After meeting them, listening to them and gathering their feedback, the Kovalys Connect group offers the ideal digital tool for doing business!

Neoney was created to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, namely to offer a social network enabling them to :

- Boost their connections

- Facilitate their exchanges & improve their conversion rate

- Increase their visibility

- Generate more income

This tool is the culmination of 15 years' work and entrepreneurial experience.


  • Neo Profile: I showcase my know-how and capture leads
  • Reco Neo : I make business recommendations
  • Matching Neo: I receive leads based on my services 
  • E-Cards Neo: I build my circle of influence 
  • Code Neo: I build and energize my network
  • Rencontres Neo: I meet my network

Our aim is to uberize the business network profession


The social network brings together multitudes of people with different backgrounds, expertise and skills.


Our social network is a business generator for entrepreneurs.


Neoney is a social network that aims to bring together thousands of entrepreneurs.

Neoney's business features

  • Exchange with a community of entrepreneurs and develop your network.
  •  Offer your services to the right target, faster and with confidence
  • Finding competent, qualified people
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Open up to more business
  • Facilitate access to the Kovalys group's network of entrepreneurs

Access a social network dedicated to business




Market potential

Entrepreneurship has been booming in France and around the world since the covid 19 crisis of 2020. A colossal market that renews itself every year!

Our business model

60% of our revenue comes from the sale of membership subscriptions, 30% from the sale of leads and 10% from advertising. Our goal by 2028:

Our 5-year financial forecast


1,750 paying members

3.5 million sales


4,000 paying members

8 million sales


7,500 paying members

15 million sales


22,000 paying members

35 million in sales


35,000 paying members

70 million in sales


50,000 paying members

100 million sales

An existing, dynamic community

A community of over 50,000 managers, 26,000 freelancers and 10,000 business introducers in 20 countries. The community is looking forward to the Neoney social network.

+ 15 ANS

existence in the field.

+ 50 000

business leaders

+26 000


+ 1 200

business facilitators


countries covered on 4 continents

The investment opportunity


  • Structuring the team
  • Boosting growth
  • Enhance the robustness and functionality of the social network


Revenuesharing* participatory financing 


  • 3 months renewable
  • First part from April 15, 2024 to July 15, 2024

* Neoney a 5-year investment plan without an equity investment.

It's not a capital investment. It's not a loan: the return on investment depends on the project's success. Royalties (revenue-based financing) ensure a fair distribution of value: if the project is a success, everyone wins!

- The minimum investment ticket is €250.
- The investment amount is defined as a number of tickets of €250 each.
- Earnings begin to be paid quarterly from July 15, 2025.
example: I invest 3 tickets of €250, i.e. €750. From July 15, 2025, I receive a percentage of Neoney's sales every quarter. In 5 years, I will have multiplied my initial investment by 3. Neoney will have paid out €2,250.

Investment in royalties

All investors will receive 10% of sales for a maximum investment of €800,000. Your share will be proportional to your investment.

Reasons to invest in Neoney

1. Contribute to the success of entrepreneurs. Support the Kovalys Connect group.

2. Participate in building tomorrow's innovative business tools.

3. Opt for a useful investment that entitles us to a percentage of our sales.

+ 100K €

The first stage will finance the arrival of developers in charge of Neoney's development.

+ 250K €

The second level will fund a team to audit and certify our members' accounts.

+ 400K €

The third stage will finance the gradual integration of AI into our social network.

Give yourself the opportunity to invest with Neoney today.

Be sure to include a valid email and phone number so that you can receive access information for the investment opportunity.

Your privacy is our priority. Your information will never be shared. Please feel free to consult our privacy policy.

Our marketing strategy

 Our social network will be powered by our business consultants. They are business introducers.

The role of business consultants is to seek out people who are driven by entrepreneurship and want to take their careers to the next level. These people are curious and eager to learn in order to go faster and further in their professional projects.

1 Business Consultant aims to recruit :
=> 1,000 free annual members
=> a team of 10 business consultants

We have 100 full-time business consultants, and we'll all be mobilized for the official launch of the Neoney social network.

Our growth partners

Neoney was created by Kovalys Connect, an international business gas pedal. This network helps business leaders, freelancers and project initiators to think bigger and further ahead.

Our second partner, Kairos Campus. This is a training center specializing in entrepreneurship and business creation. Neoney will be offering Kairos Campus training courses on its platform.

Breakdown of our financing requirements

Our financing requirements amount to €800,000 and break down as follows:

We'll be recruiting different types of developer profiles, and setting up a team to check social network profiles to ensure quality and security for our members.

We will soon be integrating artificial intelligence scripts to enable the social network to become more autonomous and offer personalized, high-quality content to our members.

Neoney is first and foremost an incredible team of business consultants.

Our team of dedicated commercial business consultants is here to spread the word about our dedicated business network for entrepreneurs. With in-depth commercial expertise, our team is passionate about creating strategic connections and identifying growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our team is drawn from 4 corners of the globe!

One last word!

From the CEO of Kovalys Connect & Neoney: Kodzo Gawu

Investing with Neoney is investing in the future of entrepreneurship!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at :

or make an appointment