Coming together makes the best possible for everyone

Welcome to the Kovalys Partners Network program, a network of trusted partners serving small businesses and project leaders.

Find out today how to join the KPN program and achieve your business goals in record time.

Working together to achieve more

Joining Kovalys Partners Network means pooling forces for an indisputable result, putting you in a position to deliver more services, faster, to more customers, build solid growth for your company, reach new markets in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, the USA, Asia and stand out from the competition... all with a partner you can trust.

To guide you on the road to success.

We're at your side to help you take advantage of the best business resources and tools essential to your company's growth and the success of your start-up project. Discover the different possibilities of the KPN program - from building new services to selling your existing ones and gaining distance from your competitors.

Building with Kovalys

Do you want to be a major player in the B2B sector in your region, country or internationally? Join us and contribute your solutions to the development of VSEs, SMEs and project developers.

Go to market

Our turnkey business models enable you to launch a service business for small and medium-sized businesses, up and running in just a few days, and start selling immediately.

Selling with Kovalys

Boost your sales with the sales pipeline integrated into our platform, as well as our network of international closeers and business introducers, and the various sales tools and resources at your disposal.

Stand out from the crowd!

Assert your expertise, stay ahead of the competition, reference your services in our global catalog, accessible to our entire community. Bring your solutions to the VSEs and SMEs who need them.

Whatever your goals, we'll help you achieve them.

Kovalys Connect provides the tools and support to help you offer relevant services and products to our joint customers. Our understanding of the VSE and SME market and our 15 years of experience working alongside entrepreneurs and investors make Kovalys Connect a competent partner to support you in the development of your business and your projects. 

Whether you're building a new company or agency, looking to add or explore new service offerings in your existing business, or to propel sales of your current services and increase your bottom line, we offer you the opportunities to innovate, scale and differentiate your business.

We make ambitious managers successful

We all need help to achieve what we want most. We've heard it before: you've got great products and services, but not enough sales, not enough visibility and not enough leads? Well, it's time for that to change!

We understand that you may be short of time, money and resources, and that you need immediate results! The KPN program has been designed with you in mind!

Sales, marketing, technology, data, software, strategies, visibility, networking, sourcing, leads... We've got it all!

Join us and take your business to the next level.

You haven't set up your own business yet, but you'd like to get started?

This could be your first successful business! By joining the KPN program, you'll benefit from 18 months of support and a unique 11-module training program to help you master the business of providing services to companies and launch a turnkey business in the sector of your choice today.

You'll benefit from our expertise, drawn from 15 years of successful experience working alongside small and medium-sized businesses, to offer the right service, to the right target, at the right price, and to apply the right strategy for successful sales!

Whatever your level of maturity in business and service delivery, our doors are open to everyone. 

The only prerequisite: ambition and an obsession with a job well done, a taste for excellence and a culture of service.

Reach your business goals

Business services

Offer special deals on services used daily by small businesses: administrative, commercial, legal, accounting, financial, IT, marketing, logistics, general services...

Meet buyers' needs, save prospecting time and feed your sales teams.

Benefit from local, regional or national exclusivity in your core business within the Neo Entrepreneurs community. More than 50,000 executives and over 26,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers in 20 countries. With over $200 million in business volume generated between members since 2009.

Masterclass Entrepreneur Mentoring

Supporting entrepreneurs

Contribute your expertise to help entrepreneurs and startups in their development, before, during and after the creation of their company. 

Discover our unique project mentoring method and offer our joint customers tailor-made support to help them get up and running in less than 6 months, and start selling very quickly. 

Find your nuggets within the Neo Entrepreneurs community and develop your business with the good feeling of being the key to the success of new companies in your region, country and internationally!

Professional event organization

Organize your business events and seminars on the Kovalys Cloud platform and bring more value to your participants, thanks to integrated business and networking tools. 

Attract new profiles and fill your events with our highly active community. Over 6,000 participants on average at partner events every year.

Business networks and clubs

Develop your business network within the Neo Entrepreneurs community, to help managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers break out of their isolation and surround themselves with the right people. 

Take advantage of our tools and expertise to monetize your business club and turn it into a profitable business.

Your future customers, suppliers and partners are already
in the community.

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