3 months to create a profitable business

What if you could become your own boss?

11 "Elite" quality Business Masterclasses, to learn all there is to know about setting up a business, developing a profitable service company and, above all... making a living from it!

Welcome to Operation Live Entrepreneurship! This will undoubtedly lead you to your first real success in life and in entrepreneurship.

"There is in each of us the promise of a giant".

These are the words of our founder, Kodzo GAWU, a serial entrepreneur, investor and international speaker, who launched his first company at the age of 16 and has been racking up victories for over 25 years now. 

At Kovalys Connect, we believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur. 

How can you become your own employer and make a living from your business?

Are you interested in entrepreneurship?ou've already launched your business and would like to make a living from it?

You want to know :

How to prepare for a successful start-up?

What are the key steps to becoming an entrepreneur?

What's in store for you in the first few years, and what mistakes should you avoid making if you don't want to go back to work after 2 years?

How do you launch an entrepreneurial activity that works even without fund-raising or substantial initial capital?

How do you bounce back when your Pôle Emploi benefit is coming to an end (or soon) and you need to find a new job without losing the entrepreneurial flame or killing your project?

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence on the market, what are the growth sectors for successful business start-ups in 2024?

Join Opération "Vivre de l'entrepreneuriat" and discover all the answers to your questions.


3 months to build a profitable business and make a living from it!
11 original Masterclasses

Everything you need to know to prepare for your transition from salaried employee to full-time entrepreneur!

3 months' support

Support from a dedicated Business Consultant to help you along the way

10 working sessions

10 on-demand work sessions with your Business Mentor to put training lessons into practice

Masterclass Entrepreneur Mentoring
Building a profitable business - Training


3 months to build a profitable service business and MAKE A LIVING!

11 original Masterclasses

EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for your transition from salaried employee to full-time entrepreneur!

From the path of the successful entrepreneur to common mistakes to avoid! Everything you need to know to get started.

All the keys to building a profitable business that customers need and that can generate $100K in annual sales within the first 2 years.

The method for building unique offers, defining appropriate prices and standing out from the competition

Best practices for supporting customers throughout the purchasing process and beyond.

All the techniques you need to effectively structure your company's sales activity and create a sales process that converts.

Techniques for assessing the risks associated with customer contracts, the drifts in service provision and solutions for protecting the commercial margin in all circumstances. 

Selling agency services like products: The art of scaling your agency for higher margins, better risk management and happier days. Your agency should no longer be a source of frustration for you and your staff.

with a business model that can generate up to 100K a year in the first 2 years.

A step-by-step guide to building a profitable event services business.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a business club and making it profitable.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a multi-service agency and making it profitable.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up and making a profit from an agency specializing in assisting entrepreneurs and project leaders. Become a Business Creation Consultant.


At the end of the coaching, you will have launched one of the following full-time or part-time activities.
  • Coaching and support in various fields
  • Business start-up consultant
  • Consultant, Business Mentor or Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • Business or international development consultant
  • Specialized service providers (interior decoration, personal services, travel planners, etc.)
  • Multi-service agencies and business service providers
  • Digital marketing and social media agency
  • Event agency, caterers and venue planning
  • Coach or Expert in real estate and investments (stock market, crypto ...)
  • Infopreneur and creator of online training courses and Masterclasses
  • Business club creator or organizer
  • ...

Or any other personal project you'd like to launch in the service sector.


The man for the job...

An entrepreneur from an early age, with his first company set up at the age of 16, Kodzo GAWU has discovered and experimented with dozens of different ways of becoming his own employer and creating profitable businesses.

With 5 companies under his belt and over 27 years of business experience, Kodzo GAWU has worked with, trained, mentored, accompanied and advised over 100,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide over the past 15 years. 

Now at the helm of an international company, he shares the key stages in the transition from employee to successful entrepreneur in these 11 original Masterclasses.

Concentrate 27 years of field experience in 12 hours of training, to launch and succeed in your entrepreneurial career. Nothing beats field experience!

Convinced that anyone can succeed, his teachings are a goldmine for anyone seeking to fulfill their potential as an entrepreneur, investor, businessman or woman!

Never heard it before? It's the best thing that could ever happen to you.


Kovalys Connect is an international business gas pedal.

Our mission: to encourage entrepreneurship and give all entrepreneurs the same opportunities for success.

We connect entrepreneurs internationally, and are training a new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs who are open to the world and share the same desire to have a positive impact on society.

Welcome to the Neo Entrepreneurs community. Together, we can change the world!

Kovalys Connect in a few figures:

+ 50.000


+ 20




+ 26.000


+ 14





On the road to success.


They talk about us

I'd had an idea in mind for a long time, but I was stagnating. I took a Mentoring course with Kodzo GAWU and in 6 months it gave a real boost to my project. Today, I intend to put AI at the heart of my project!
Entrepreneur & Investor


Information and lessons learned in the field...

At Kovalys Connect, we're convinced that nothing beats hands-on experience. All our training courses are taught by truly successful experts and mentors who will guide you along the path to success. We select them on the basis of unquestionable results with their customers.

Our guiding principle is to provide training based on practical, hands-on experience. 

... that you won't find anywhere else!

At Kovalys Connect, we'll tell you all about entrepreneurship and behind-the-scenes success stories. 

Prepare to be surprised, and hang on to your seat. What you're about to discover is sure to radically change the way you see and think about your business and entrepreneurship in general.

We believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur. You just need to have the keys, and that's what we strive to bring you, all the keys to success in entrepreneurship.

A warm welcome! On the road to success.

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